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121st Street fun 121st Street By Turbo - A guy is in the wrong place at the wrong moment in time, or is he? (M+/M, nc, rp, intr) 4/23/2006
40th Birthday Present fun 40th Birthday Present By Shaved Jerry - A divorced man gets a special birthday present after work 11/15/1997
A Friendly Fuck fun A Friendly Fuck By AB-2006 - School teacher meets a pretty young single mother who seems to be fascinated by him. (MF, rom, affair) 6/24/2006
A Male Perspective on Pussy Fucking fun A Male Perspective on Pussy Fucking By Anonymous Author - I can't speak for the female half of the species, but I can for us guys. There is nothing absolutely nothing to compare with the sensations of fucking a woman's pussy. (MF) 2/19/2005
A Real Incestuous Affair fun A Real Incestuous Affair By Paulie - Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that the story the presented here is real and current. This is being told in public for the first time because I am new to the internet and I never realized the interest in this particular subject matter. (MF, inc) 5/3/2003
Adult Bookstore Gloryhole fun Adult Bookstore Gloryhole By Dennis - Let me tell you about my first experiences with glory holes. I was 18 years old and living on the east coast. I had always been fascinated with sex and had acquired a large collection of magazines over which I'd jerk off daily. I had seen an adult bookstore out on the highway near my home, but I had never gone inside, until one day... (MM, anonymous-oral, gay) 2/3/2002
African Gangbanged Bride fun African Gangbanged Bride By Wife Watcher - A teenage bride gets to experience native life up close and personal on a trip to Africa with her Anthologist husband. (M+/F, wife, intr, gangbang) 11/25/2006
All About Birds the and the Bees & Billy fun All About Birds the and the Bees & Billy By Oediplex - With Illustration by Pandora's Box: Frank and Gail Turner were discussed their son's need for sex education. Several days had gone by since Gail had caught Billy looking at one of his father's adult magazines. (MF/m-teen, bi, family, inc, reluc) 1/12/2003
Amelia's Big Experience fun Amelia's Big Experience By Kathy - I was supposed to see Paul in the evening, but he phoned just beforehand and said he had a cold and couldn't see me. So I felt very disappointed, and then I thought 'Well, I'll take him some grapes and stuff to cheer him up.' (MFdom/F, 1st-lesbian exp, nc) 4/19/2003
An Act of Kindness fun An Act of Kindness By Jake - This is a story about a pretty young, very pregnant wife who goes on a trip to visit her mother and on the way back home becomes stranded and has to rely on the kindness of strangers. (MF, cheating husband, intr, preg) 1/12/2003
Andrea's Story fun Andrea's Story By Anonymous Husband - This is a story about my first marriage in 1985. Andrea, my wife and I were both students at North Dakota State when we met. We married shortly after graduating, and lived quite happily. That is we were happy until Andrea took a job at a local night club to help pay off our debts... (M+/F, wife, slut, intr, cuck) 9/16/2000
Andy's First Blowjob fun Andy's First Blowjob By Wiley - Sara is an attractive high school teacher who is forced to give one of her students a blowjob by her black lover. This story is an excerpt from a longer series by Wiley called Porterville High which can be seen at Kristen's collection in directory 8. (F/m-teen, oral) 6/27/1998
Anna and I fun Anna and I By BigStudlyDude - I was a 17-year-old male in the conservative south. I had been dating Andrea, a deeply religious Christian, for 9 months. In that time we got to know a lot about each other and to no surprise I was looking forward to getting intimate for the first time with her. (F/m-teen, wife-cheat, 1st, oral) 9/6/2003
AOL Love fun AOL Love By Jen Doe - A girl's love affair while on-line. It starts innocently enough in chat rooms, then turns into a mutual satisfaction relationship. (MF, mast) 8/12/1999
Ape Rape fun Ape Rape By Anonymous Author - This story was written by an anonymous author and is entitled "Ape Rape" so that should give you the basic premise of the story. It's really strange, but someone submitted it with a picture, so I've added it to the illustrated archive. (F/beast, rp) 3/22/1998
Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience fun Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience By Anonymous - What happens when a singer like Ashlee Simpson goes to McDonalds? Find out here in this story. (MF-teens, exh, oral, celeb-parody) 2/17/2006
Asian Cam Surprise fun Asian Cam Surprise By Billy Bond - Pretty Asian wife catches American husband cruising Internet porn, only to be drawn into the scene too. (MF, exh, voy, wife, asian) 7/7/2006
Asian Cock fun Asian Cock By Centfla246 - This is the story of my first REAL gay experience. It's done a few things with guys before this, but nothing as blatant as I did this time. Now I'm out of the closet but back then this was a huge deal for me. (MM, intr, asian, 1st-gay-expr) 2/17/2006
Asian Fuck fun Asian Fuck By Michael - Min Young-ju came to work for our small Phoenix based business just two months ago. She had an MBA in accounting and was willing to work for peanuts. My wife and I thought we were pretty lucky to get her. But we didn't know just how lucky we were. (MFF, FF, asian, voy, preg) 4/2/2002
Autofellatio fun Autofellatio By AB-2006 - It's amazing what a good cocksucker you can be when you know both the feelings for giving and getting at the same time. (M-solo, oral, MF) 8/2/2006
Baby fun Baby By Sweatmeats - My insecurities turned me into a very loved baby. (FF, control, 1st-lesbian-expr) 5/19/2006
Back Room Wifebang fun Back Room Wifebang By Anonymous - There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But Brad, a 42-year-old professor, had that chance to see his 27-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in Miami. (MMF, wife, voy) 5/14/2006
Backseat fun Backseat By Unknown BBS Author - A beautiful Aerobics instructor performs a special regimen in the backseat of one of her student's cars. (MF, affair) 6/12/1999
Backyard fun Backyard By Courtney - A girl home on vacation lies out in her parents backyard nude. Then finds that the neighbor man is peeking at her. (f-teen, solo, exh) 8/19/1997
Bad Boys fun Bad Boys By Cynthia - Cynthia does the Bi-sex scene with her boyfriend and his friend. (MMF, bi) 11/12/1997
Balls fun Balls By Jilly - I'm a 22 year-old woman, and have always been fascinated with men's balls. I don't know about other women, but probably none of them have my particular fetish. I realize that I have a really kinky one, but all the guys I've known haven't seemed to mind. I like balls, and I've never heard of anyone liking men's balls as much as I do. (MF, size) 12/3/1999
Banana Split fun Banana Split By Anonymous - She lies back, legs spread. I get out a banana, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and some cherries. The banana needs to be just barely ripe, almost still green, to be firm enough. (MF, rom, food) 4/10/2004
Barfly fun Barfly By Michael - A guy walks into a bar and gets the surprise of his life when a woman old enough to be his mother offers him an opportunity he can't pass up. (MF, public-sex, exh) 4/7/2002
Batgirl and Catwoman fun Batgirl and Catwoman By Anon - She heard a voice, silky as a cat's purr but loud as a lion's roar and she knew she was in the right place. She had found Catwoman's Lair! And before Batman and Robin, too! She slipped something the size of a lipstick case from her utility belt, and then, wincing at the dirt on the glass, leapt through the skylight. (FF, catfight, movie-parody) 8/17/2003
Bath Time fun Bath Time By Lori Helm - Two women and a guy take a bath together. (FFM, FF, oral, orgy) 10/2/1999
Bath Wrap fun Bath Wrap By JOCA - Pat was home on vacation from College and yes she could get a little short tempered with her teenage brother and his friends. But did she really deserve what they did to her? At least the boys had fun, and well, maybe Pat did too, when all was said and done. (m+/F, teens, rp, gb) 1/18/2003
Becky Takes A Lover fun Becky Takes A Lover By B.J. - A married couple first fantasize about a threesome, then plan a way to make it really happen. They find that this new lifestyle is addictive in more than one way. (M+/F, wife, preg, intr) 2/4/2001
Beth's Party fun Beth's Party By Kristen - Beth's husband cheats with her best friend at Beth's party. They're in the pack yard alone in the swimming pool, at night. While the party goes on... (MF, cheat) 4/20/2000
Biker Girls fun Biker Girls By Melissa Keating - This is a story about my girl friend and lover, and myself one afternoon, with Frank, a guy among few, and how we fucked his brains out. Hope you'll like my story as much as I liked doing it. (FFM, bi) 9/1/2003
Billy & Jilly fun Billy & Jilly By Lisa & Sharon - Two children find their way on the path of sexual awakening. He's 15 and she's 13 and they're both virgins, that is until one fantastic afternoon while playing together they discover something wondrous. (mf-yteens, 1st) 10/5/2002
Bi-Sex with Byron fun Bi-Sex with Byron By AB-2003 - Husband reluctantly acquiesces to his wife's desire to bring a black neighbor man into their bed. But soon he finds that there are lots of fringe benefits to the arrangement. (MMF, bi, intr, oral) 4/13/2003
Black Delivery fun Black Delivery By RMDragon - My mailman is fucking my wife. I can hardly believe it, because Sharon has never seemed very interested in sex. All that has changed now because a young black stud with a huge black cock found out exactly what turns her on. (MF, wife, intr, preg) 8/6/2001
Black Friday fun Black Friday By Celia Garr - There was a period in my mid-twenties when I admit to having been fairly promiscuous. One Friday night when living in Monterey I went with some friends to a place called "Le Club." It was still fairly early and we were talking and drinking around a table, when they went off to dance or talk with someone else' and a black man approached me. I cannot remember his name. (Mdom/F, intr, huml) 6/18/2000
Black Neighbor fun Black Neighbor By The BlackDude - A pretty young white wife falls hard for her big black viral neighbor. (MF, wife, intr, preg) 4/17/2005
Blindfolded Wife fun Blindfolded Wife By Michael - I'd been married to my wife Laura for just about three years when I began to fantasize about having a threesome. (MMF, wife-sharing, inc) 10/4/2003
Blowjob For Daddy fun Blowjob For Daddy By Tattletale - Daughter comes home from college for summer vacation and catches her single dad masturbating in his bedroom. (MF, inc, oral) 2/17/2006
Blowjob Test fun Blowjob Test By Horny Rick - College roommates who can't get any pussy decide to gratify their sexual needs with each other. (MMM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal) 12/2/2006
Bobbi and the Frathouse fun Bobbi and the Frathouse By Bobbi Sue - Hi there it's Bobbi. For those of you who don't know me, I am a 5'1", 105 lb. athlete who has taken to showing off my body to liven up my sex life. I have shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, and I like to think that my 34A-22-34 figure is firm and desirable. I am not beautiful, but I've been told by a lot of guys that I am. I would say that I am cute instead of gorgeous. My figure is firm because I work out at least eight hours a week, either cross country skiing, roller-blading, running, weight lifting, swimming, or biking. I've been told that my best feature is my firm ass, and I love to show it off. (F/M+, orgy) 8/21/1999
Bobbi Pulls a Train fun Bobbi Pulls a Train By Bobbi Sue - Based on "The Adventures of Bobbi" Bobbi Sue arranges to blow six guys then fuck them all -- at her friend Mary's house. She even gets a little pussy sucking done with Mary before hand. (M+/F, FF, oral, anal, orgy) 3/25/2000
Bobo fun Bobo By Vicki Eggie - Simply put, Virginia wanted to fuck. She didn't care who or where just as long as she got some hot male sausage to stuff into her aching pussy. "A girl can only go so long without riding the big shaft," she thought, "and I've gone about as far as I want to go." (F/dog, FF) 11/21/1999
Boyfriend, The fun Boyfriend, The By Caesar - Mom just hates Samantha's new boyfriend. She also hates that this no-good guy is bonking her sweet little daughter. Mom makes plans to get things back where they belong. (mf-teens, F/m-teen, nc?) 10/15/1997
Brandy and Kelly, Sisters fun Brandy and Kelly, Sisters By Sweet Irish - Sisters, one nineteen and the other eleven, encounter love and lust with two professional football players. Both were virgins and on a summer trip, allowed their lives to change. Norah, their mother, is also found to have enjoyed the fruits of love at an early age. The story contains others who are lucky in love and sex, in the end, father knows best or he gets the best. (Mf, ff, exh, inc) 4/22/2005
Brenda & Sarah fun Brenda & Sarah By Comeman - Brenda and Sarah decide to put on a show for Brenda's boyfriend. And it all happens in the apartment Laundromat. (MF, FF, voy) 10/2/1997
Brenda's Education fun Brenda's Education By Amy Davis - I remember when my Aunt Sherry came to spend a few days with my mother and me. My parents separated when I was 10 and my Aunt has been a great help to my mom. Aunt Sherry was five years younger then my mom and had never been married. She was always wearing sexy clothes and was a little on the wild side. (FF) 10/1/2001
Brother & Sister fun Brother & Sister By Jennifer Conners - Sis moves in with her brother after she gets a divorce and takes up more than the duties of a wife. They actually go into the erotic video business after they decide that there are no boundaries to their relationship. (MF, inc) 5/28/1999
Buddy Fuck fun Buddy Fuck By Carl Smith - Andrea's on a business trip with two male associates when she decides that they're all good enough friends to buddy fuck. (MMF, work) 6/17/2006
Buddy Jerk-Off fun Buddy Jerk-Off By AB-2003 - I still can't believe I let him do it. We'd been friends ever since 1st grade and nothing like this had ever happened before. (MM, mast, 1st-gay-exper) 4/19/2003
Bum Sex fun Bum Sex By AB-2006 - A young business woman succumbs to the urge to get down and dirty with homeless bums. (MF, unsafe-sex) 3/1/2006
Callie's Wild Sorority Days fun Callie's Wild Sorority Days By Kristen - (As told to Kristen) "My story is a true one that took place in 1974 when I was 22 years old. We were a wild bunch and thought we knew everything, and had done everything. I was very jaded back then. We had this tradition of daring each other to do crazy things, and I was the "Bravest" one in our sorority house." (M+/F, exh, gb, college) 10/12/1998
Car Party fun Car Party By Sarah Anne Talley - Kathy makes an error in judgment when she gets a little too drunk at a local bar and is accompanied out to her car by a strange man. (M+/F, reluc, gangbang) 3/18/2006
Carwash Shock fun Carwash Shock By B Boner - A brother visits his sister and her family over Christmas vacation only to experience something he'd never even imagined before. (MF, inc, oral) 5/25/2006
Cheerleader fun Cheerleader By Gekko The Great - A Cheerleader has a great time in the locker room with her boyfriend. (MF) 11/2/1997
Chris Comes Around fun Chris Comes Around By Anythingatoll - Two female roomates indoctrinate a third into their horny games. (FFF, 1st-lesbian-expr, alcohol, toys) 7/2/2006
Christi: A Typical Wife fun Christi: A Typical Wife By Warthog - This is a story about a typical housewife, with a typical family in a typical suburban setting. The 32 year old housewife's name is Christi. Christi shares a house with her husband Mike, that's me, and our 5 year old son. Christi is an exotic beauty with long dark blonde hair and lovely big brown eyes. This story is about an eye-opening party that we attended. (M+/F+, wife-slut) 6/6/2000
Christmas Present fun Christmas Present By Robert E. Epps - A wife gets you very early on Christmas day to prepare a special present for her husband. (MF, rom) 12/23/1999
Cindy Crawford fun Cindy Crawford By MAW - Cindy Crawford gets hypnotized during a photo shoot, and is taken advantage of. (MF, mc, celeb) 10/22/1997
Closet Lesbians fun Closet Lesbians By Phoebe - A special time for just the two of us, no boyfriends, noone at all, just the two of us. (FF, 1st-lesbian-exper) 7/13/2002
Coed Hooker fun Coed Hooker By Phoebe - Being a coed prostitute has become rather exciting work and it pays really well too. I've become accustomed to "dating" lots different guys and I find that variety keeps the sex hot. This story is about the time Rob (a friend of mine from school) set me up with some out of town business friends of his. The arrangement was to have a gangbang with 5 guys at Rob's house. (M+/F, orgy, prost) 9/3/2000
Culvert's Point fun Culvert's Point By Lori Helm - The day had been a really hectic one. Stress at home, stress at work, stress, stress, stress. I thought for sure I would crack. I knew I had to get away, even if only for a little while. My boss almost fired me for a co-workers error. Thank god she had the balls to step forward and take the blame. Unfortunately for her she was the one who was fired. (MF, wife, fantasy) 8/13/2003
Cumlust fun Cumlust By Vanessa - A wife takes on a group of men friends while her husband incredulously watches and then joins in. (M+F, wife, orgy) 5/12/2005
Cumlust 2: Anal Beginnings fun Cumlust 2: Anal Beginnings By Vanessa - Wife's orgy goes to a new level in chapter two when she becomes more experimental. (M+F, wife, orgy) 5/15/2005
Cumlust 3: Girl on Girl Memories fun Cumlust 3: Girl on Girl Memories By Vanessa - About two years ago, during one 'memorable' evening with some friends of my husband's, I confessed that I have had sex with a girl, and enjoyed it. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr) 6/4/2005
Cyndi, Holly and Me fun Cyndi, Holly and Me By Marc - Marc unsuspectingly stumbles into Cyndi and Holly's private love-fest. He doesn't mind because they pull him into it with them. (MFF, orgy) 6/23/1998
Cynthia fun Cynthia By Phoebe - Two high school girls become friends while trying out for the cheerleading squad. In time they also become lovers. (FF, lesbian) 2/2/2002
Day at the Beach fun Day at the Beach By Phoebe - A high school girl makes new friends at school and goes to the beach with them on a Saturday. She finds out that she's popular, even with the other girls. (ff-teens, exh, oral, 1st) 11/23/2000
Dead Beard fun Dead Beard By David Shaw - A story about an English bloke on vacation in the Caribbean and a run in with a female friend at a topless beach. (MF, exh, affair) 4/26/2002
Death by Email fun Death by Email By Hungry Guy and Romangirl - This story was co-written by two authors who have never met. Hungry Guy wrote the part of Snuffher. Romangirl responded to his words and actions as Gabriella. After reading one of Hungry Guy's stories, Romangirl actually began writing to him, asking if he would create a story involving her as the "damsel in distress." Those e-mails are captured here. Romangirl portrayed Gabriella in her illustrations, while Hungry Guy portrayed Snuffher. (MF, v, bd, sn) 5/27/2004
Death by E-Mail Part 2 fun Death by E-Mail Part 2 By Hungry Guy and Romangirl - Death by E-Mail More! 12/15/2005
Deserted Island fun Deserted Island By AB-2003 - A shipwrecked victim wakes up on the beach naked and confused. (M+/F, fantasy) 4/13/2003
Diary from Seat 26 J fun Diary from Seat 26 J By Richard Rivers - Yumi was the wife of a friend. Once, I joked that the sound of her name embodied the both of us you know: you, me but she looked back at me as if she didn't understand. Of course she couldn't, for I had fallen deeply and secretly in love with her. (FF, lingerie, cheating-wife, asian) 12/3/1999
Dive, The fun Dive, The By Anonymous - A little underwater fun and games for two. (MF, rom) 7/27/2005
Donna the Night Nurse fun Donna the Night Nurse By Leo N Sanderson - A man injured at work as an interesting stay in a hospital. (MF, work) 5/12/2005
Don't Open Your Eyes fun Don't Open Your Eyes By Ramroc - She was exhausted from the wedding and reception, and we turned out the lights without having sex. I reached over to her around three in the morning, and began touching her. I was extremely aroused. I have never been so aroused in my life!" Dr. Paruuvian interrupted. "You have never been so aroused because she is 'untried fruit.' Did you, ah, impregnate her?" (MF, nc, preg, sci-fi) 8/4/2002
Dorm Showers fun Dorm Showers By SallyIdaho & Kathy - Sally and Kathy are taking their morning showers in the college dorm. When Kathy looks over at Sally and catches her looking at her body. (FF, 1st-lesbian-exp) 8/19/1997
Drunk and Disorderly fun Drunk and Disorderly By Scorpio00155 - A teenage boy's slutty mother comes home sloppy drunk one too many times. (Fm-teen, inc, 1st, alcohol) 9/17/2005
Eat a Peach fun Eat a Peach By Candy Kane - Standing under the shower running my soapy hands between my legs, I thought back to when I first met Tracy over a month ago. She showed up at my door in short cut-offs with those tanned, dancer's legs, a tight, shoestring halter hugging petite breasts, and mountain lake blue eyes that made my legs go weak. That image still causes my pussy to tingle. (FF, rom) 5/3/2003
Elizabeth fun Elizabeth By Philip B. Davis - A father's incestuous adventures with his beautiful athletic daughter. (MF, inc) 2/2/1999
Elly Comes Of Age fun Elly Comes Of Age By Frier Dave - Elly grows up and by accident bumps into an old friend in a crowd. She's much younger than he is, but that isn't a problem when she decides to take him as a lover. (M/F-teen, cons) 5/29/1998
Enolah and Kristen fun Enolah and Kristen By Lady Seyton - I didn't have to look at her face to see she was furious. She slammed the door on the way in and she stalked blindly past me, even as I reached out to greet her. I grimaced inwardly, for tonight was a special night. (Fdom/F, rom, body worship, v) 2/21/2002
Enough fun Enough By Anon BBS Author - A husband and wife toy with the idea of "swinging" only to get in way over their heads when they end up in a motel room with a bunch of black studs who are horny as hell. (M+/F, wife-slut, husband-voy, intr, gb) 9/25/1999
Every Wednesday fun Every Wednesday By Romangirl - She waited for them every Wednesday, saving something until she heard the loud grinding sounds of the big truck. She watched from her window until the truck stopped in front of her house, around the wooded bend and isolated from the other homes. They watched for her, too, because she rarely let them down. (MF, intr, v, sn) 11/25/2004
Experience in the Attic fun Experience in the Attic By Anonymous NixPixer - Everything was normal for a 40-year-old wife and mother until Richard came to stay. The 18-year-old black youth became her lover almost over night. (MF, intr, wife-cheat) 8/13/2000
Face Sitting fun Face Sitting By Jeff - A guy goes over to a pretty woman's house hoping to get laid, but instead she and her girlfriends ride his face every which way. (Fdom+/M, bd, oral, anal, huml) 12/3/2006
Fast Date fun Fast Date By K Richards - My name is Kathy; I'm 28 years old. My husband John and I had been discussing the possibility of my sleeping with another man. We'd been discussing it for months (and incidentally I was getting a lot of really hot sex from my husband just talking about it) when I finally agreed to go to this notorious pickup joint about 50 miles away. (M+/F, wife-slut) 5/20/2000
First Time Stripper fun First Time Stripper By JOCA - Jon marries again shortly after a nasty divorce and custody battle for his two sons. His new wife has a teenage daughter who doesn't like his boys one bit. Things go from bad to worse until one day Jon decides to discipline his wife's young daughter. His boys get to help. (Mbb/f-teen, inc, nc, blkmail) 4/19/2003
Fist Time in the South fun Fist Time in the South By Lworde - In the spring of 1845 my uncle who was a planter in Kentucky had sent my father a letter inviting me to travel to his plantation to join his son George at their home for a fortnight's vacation in the summer. This is when I learned the real value of owning slaves. (MMF, nc, 1st, intr) 9/21/2003
Flasher fun Flasher By Anonymous NixPixer Author - My husband and I purchased a CB radio at the tail end of the big CB craze several years ago. When we first bought it we used to do the usual things like talk to truckers on the freeways. We soon found out that it was more fun to flash the truckers while driving by them. I'd show them my breasts and then maybe lift my skirt for them if I liked their looks. (MF, wife sharing) 6/28/2000
Flying Nun, The fun Flying Nun, The By Uncle Mike - Carlo sees an angel descending from the skies; upon alighting, the angel becomes a nun; Carlo tells the sister of the demon that besets him and she helps him fight it; another day, the nun returns and they do battle with his demon again; at last Carlo can take the battles no more and sends the nun off to find other demons. (mf, 1st, religious, TV-parody) 2/21/2003
Fooling Around fun Fooling Around By Phoebe - A promiscuous but popular high school girl plots to take her x-boyfriend away from another girl just in time for the prom. She's willing to do just about anything to get him. (MF-teens, cheat) 10/8/2000
For the Love of an Older Man fun For the Love of an Older Man By Kris - A young wife misses her older husband, a lot! (MF, solo, rom) 2/3/2002
Fucking In The Mud fun Fucking In The Mud By Anonymous Author - Rachel leads Sean out to a nearby mud pit, after hearing him complain of having nothing to do that day. Playing in deep mud has always been a fantasy for Sean and Rachel, and they are both more than pleased with the results. (MF, mud) 1/20/2007
Futomaki: Hand Roll fun Futomaki: Hand Roll By Richard Rivers - There was no mistaking the sounds and smells from the kitchen were of Maki hard at work preparing sushi for my dinner. She always did that after we had quarreled, when she was ready to make up. And I knew that before long, right after dinner, she would pull out the futon and we would make love, she with a fierce kind of determination, as if catching up on the days or weeks we had missed. (Not Rated) 5/13/2000
Gilligan's Island: The Passion Fruit fun Gilligan's Island: The Passion Fruit By Uncle Mike - Gilligan comes across a great tasting unidentified fruit. He shares it with the other castaways only to find out that it is a strange aphrodisiac. (M+/F+, orgy, TV-parody) 4/1/2000
Giving Good Head fun Giving Good Head By Kristen - A young woman whose boyfriend is away on a trip is seduced into giving an older couple "head" under the premise of learning how to do it expertly. (MF, FF, oral) 10/2/1999
Giving Head fun Giving Head By Belle Chandra - Belinda looked at the middle-age man sitting across from her in his car; he was slightly overweight, with balding grey hair, penetrating dark eyes that now had a gleam of sexual lust in them. They were parked in a deserted alleyway, off one of San Francisco's sex-and-sin streets; it was a common spot for business transactions, providing the john couldn't afford a motel room. "So mister, pay first, service second. You know the drill." (M=50, F=16, oral, prost) 11/3/2000
Gloryhole Addiction fun Gloryhole Addiction By Bear In Panties - "Look at that. You like that? See the way it throbs? It's all for you baby. Go on. Lick it. Taste my cock. Mmmm, yeah fag boy, that's the way. Suck it down. (M+/M, oral, gay) 2/3/2002
Greek Lessons fun Greek Lessons By TheRant - Beautiful Erika, an accomplished computer-science professor makes it with one of her students. The author also reminisces about an early affair Erika had with a family member... (MF, oral, teacher/student) 6/28/1998
Green Eyes fun Green Eyes By Romangirl - A female real estate agent takes a strange black man on a tour of an expensive house. (MF, intr, rp?) 11/3/2004
Here Comes the Bride fun Here Comes the Bride By Amy Davis - Well the day finally came, the day I was going to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Debbie Johnson. I was nervous and excited. The only thing left to do was my bridal shower. I was hoping for a wild night. (FFF) 12/2/2001
Hershey's Thursdays fun Hershey's Thursdays By Kristen - Maya's had a few too many when she attends the Hershey's wrestling contest at Murphy's Bar and Grill. She gets into an altercation with another patron of the bar and is told to, "Take it into the ring." (MF, exh, public-rape) 6/12/1999
Hickey fun Hickey By Michael - It all started when I noticed a hickey on my wife's neck. I just got a glimpse of it but I knew instantly what it was and that I hadn't put it there. Hell how could I have 4/19/2003
Hillery's Breast Obsession fun Hillery's Breast Obsession By Candy - This is a really weird story about a woman's odyssey of self exploration and breast enlargement obsession. (MF, breasts) 6/18/2000
Home From Iraq fun Home From Iraq By AB-2006 - A wife is tricked into a threesome on the bathroom floor. (MMF, wife, military, anal) 11/17/2006
Homeless fun Homeless By Second Dick - A yuppie couple find a homeless man and the wife does interesting things to him. (MF, voy, intr, preg) 10/22/1997
Hotel Encounter fun Hotel Encounter By Andy - A man-to-man encounter in my hotel room, part 1: a purely sexual adventure between to hot men. The true story includes mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal exploration. We try many experiments to see how much pleasure two men can derive from each other. (MM, mast, oral, anal, bd) 9/12/2006
House Sale fun House Sale By Sammy Smith - Real estate for profit and fun. (FF, FFM, bi, threesome) 9/8/2004
Huge fun Huge By Lee - A handsome black guy, not totally happy with the size of his sexual equipment tries a little magic to alter his appearance and it really works! (M, solo, size) 4/19/2003
I Guess That Is What A Lesbian Does fun I Guess That Is What A Lesbian Does By Phoebe - I didn't want to do it at first. She just wouldn't leave me alone and I guess that I didn't know how to tell her no. (FF, oral, 1st-lesbian-exp) 9/1/2000
I'm Not White Trash fun I'm Not White Trash By Romangirl and Hungry Guy - I will never know whose baby I was carrying, because I don't know whose sperm got to me first, my brother Tony's or his friend Guy's. All I know is they both raped me. (MMF, nc, rp) 1/9/2005
Incident In A Room fun Incident In A Room By Sargon Taykel - Miranda Peter's awakens to find herself in the nightmare world of a sadistic evil man who forces her to endure the worst humiliations of her life. (MMF, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, bd, asians, beast) 5/29/2006
Infidel fun Infidel By The Prisoner - A soldier serving in the middle-east is captured then experiences male rape only to find out that in the end, it isn't all that bad an experience. (MM, rp, v, military) 5/3/2003
International Incident fun International Incident By Anonymous - Two horny soldiers serving in the gulf share a native woman in a moment of furtive sex. (MMF) 7/16/2000
Inventory Control fun Inventory Control By Phoebe - Working on Saturday to catch up on her cycle counts, a young woman working in inventory control has a chance encounter with her boss that they’ll not soon forget. (MF, affair, work) 1/1/2001
Jacking Off My Boyfriend fun Jacking Off My Boyfriend By Cynthia Burkholtz - A girl writes about her infatuation with her boyfriend's genitalia. (mf-teens, mast, oral) 7/2/2001
Jamaican Holiday fun Jamaican Holiday By Jennifer Conners - Twenty-three year old Jennifer takes a vacation in Jamaica to get away from the cold weather. She hooks up with the Jamaican resort manager and they have a grand old time together. (MF, intr) 4/22/1999
Jeff & Jenn fun Jeff & Jenn By Story The Sender, Picture Andres Serrano - Jeffery could hear water running as he floated in a semi-trance, slipping back and forth between a sweet dream and a memory of the things he and Jennifer had done the night before. He loved that time of morning, and he liked to prolong it whenever he could, so he stayed in bed with his eyes closed, drifting, listening to the shower, and imagining her body and the pleasure it had given him. (MF, toys) 10/14/2001
Jennie's Black Lover fun Jennie's Black Lover By C. Fowler & K. Becker - Jennie talks her lesbian lover into trying out a black man for a little variety. (MFF, intr) 1/28/1999
John's Not Gay fun John's Not Gay By AB-2003 - A guy likes to watch his buddy jack off. And he tells us about it. (MM, mast) 6/14/2003
Karen's Book Store Lover fun Karen's Book Store Lover By Anonymous - Wife climbs onto a black man's boner, while hubby watches. (MMF, voy, wife, intr) 11/25/2006
Kathy's Party fun Kathy's Party By P Sugden - Kathy was really pleased the way the party was going. It was her husband Pat's 35th birthday party, but it was also a welcoming party for Nailene and Ben, even though they had lived in the neighborhood for the last six months. Ben was an ex-football player and had the stature to go with it. All the neighborhood women would stare at him when he mowed the front lawn, those broad shoulders, the narrow waist, the tight butt and those massive thighs, the black skin glistening with his sweat... Kathy made herself stop. Fantasies were fine but she was a married woman. (M+/F+, FF, wife-sluts, intr) 6/6/2000
Katrina fun Katrina By AB-2006 - In the aftermath of Katrina a black couple makes a new life for themselves in the Midwest. (M+F, intr, wife-gangbang) 3/5/2006
Keiko's Paperboy Adventure fun Keiko's Paperboy Adventure By Keiko - Keiko is a young Japanese woman attending school in Hawaii. This story is about her exhibiting herself to the paperboy which brings her great pleasure and excitement. (mf-teens, asian, exh) 4/1/2000
Kelly 90210 fun Kelly 90210 By Anonymous BBS Author - A 90210 story about Kelly doing just about all the boys in the gang. (M+/F, TV-parody) 9/21/1997
Kitchen Gangbang fun Kitchen Gangbang By Wife Watcher - Young newly weds attend a party of friends that they met on their honeymoon. (M+/F, wife-slut) 4/8/2000
Klan's Woman fun Klan's Woman By Zefferman - Tammy's a bigoted Klan member married to a high mucky-muck in their Deep South chapter. She's a beautiful young woman justly proud of her looks and very satisfied with her life. Then she meets Clyde, a big black man and realizes just what a pig her husband really is. (MF, intr, cheat, v) 8/12/1999
Lady Luck: Two fun Lady Luck: Two By David Shaw - I'd been sidelined and timed out before Chloe came into my life. Just about ready to head for the backwoods and become a certified hermit. Until I suddenly found out that instead of being all alone in the world I had myself a best friend, a business partner and the girl of my dreams, all wrapped up in one beautiful little package. (MF, rom) 10/28/2000
Lap Dance fun Lap Dance By Jym Jim - A guy takes a detour into a local strip club for a little relaxation. (FFM, exh, mast) 6/13/1999
Lap Dancer fun Lap Dancer By Romangirl - Jennifer DiGregorio was bored. She was still taking a few college courses at night, and working at her step-father’s bank in southern New Jersey, mostly saying no to poor Mexicans who were applying for loans. She sat across one swarthy laborer who had the papers to prove he had immigrated to America legally. He spoke in broken but understandable English. His name was Miguel Perez. (M+/F, exh, prost) 4/29/2004
Lap Dancer Part 2 fun Lap Dancer Part 2 By Romangirl - Jennifer had to practically beat the Mexican off her 11/26/2004
Lap Dog's Revenge fun Lap Dog's Revenge By Raiko - I have been under Mistress Rhonda's tutelage for about three months now. During our time together mistress has taught me well on how to behave, and I take pride in that I seem to succeed in giving my mistress pleasure, both mentally and physically. (Fdom/M-sub, bdsm) 8/13/2003
Leila, My Hermaphrodite Lover fun Leila, My Hermaphrodite Lover By Michael - I'm an ordinary guy, nothing special about me at all. Well, maybe my choice in women could set me apart from most. It all started one rainy afternoon in Northern California as I was driving home after a party I'd attended alone the day before. (M/shemale, public-sex) 5/18/2003
Library Lust fun Library Lust By Anonymous - A guy meets a really slutty woman at the library. Only moments before he didn't even know her, and here he was fucking her brains out in a public place. (MF, unsafe-sex, public) 10/16/2006
Life Has Accidental Surprises fun Life Has Accidental Surprises By Unknown - A Veterinarian starts to really love dogs. (FF, bi, voy, beast) 2/17/2006
Life is What Happens fun Life is What Happens By Romangirl - Jennifer was pleased, but made believe she didn’t notice the teenage boy next door who often stared at her while she worked in the yard. She spent hours in the yard, either mowing or watering, gardening, or working on her tan. They hardly knew each other; he had moved next door with his parents only a few months before. (MF, nc, rp, preg) 2/14/2005
Linda's Lust for Boys fun Linda's Lust for Boys By Mich Boyle - The story of Linda a beautiful 32-year-old woman with an addiction to boys her adventures and seductions. (F/boys+, orgy, ped, 1st) 12/6/2004
Losing fun Losing By Rachel - When I was 16 I spent a lot of time with a girl named Beth. She'd been my best friend since 6th grade and I thought there was nothing we didn't know about each other. Boy was I wrong! (FF-teens, 1st-lesbian expr, reluc) 4/10/2004
Louis the Gangbanger fun Louis the Gangbanger By Phoebe - A privileged small town white girl falls for the charms of a black gangbanger once she's out on her own away from her parents at college. (MF, college, intr, 1st) 2/11/2002
LSD fun LSD By Michael - It all started when my wife Laura and I found the LSD in our daughter's room. Caroline had been acting the hippy for the past year, ever since she started the 11th grade. Having been a little bit of a free spirit myself in high school I'd let her get away with it. (MFF, threesome, drugs) 4/13/2002
Lucia, My Wife's Cousin fun Lucia, My Wife's Cousin By Bigsexxxy - A man takes advantage of an opportunity when his wife's cousin stops by one afternoon. (MF, husband-cheat) 4/1/2003
Lucky Ted fun Lucky Ted By Bugman - A son views his mother in the nude. At seventeen he finds pleasure with his mother, and his life changes over the years, but still his first time with his beautiful mother, and each time they engaged in carnal incest, the story broadens to include more people in what could be a possible true story. (F/m-teen, inc, 1st, oral, mast) 4/2/2005
Madonna: Getting Away From It All fun Madonna: Getting Away From It All By KMB - It's not always easy to get away from it all, especially if you're face and name can be instantly recognized even in the most far off corners of the world. But getting away from it all was exactly what Madonna was trying to do. (Fdom/M, mc, celeb-parody) 4/1/2000
Maranda Makes Three fun Maranda Makes Three By Phoebe - Maranda knew that it was wrong, that her sister’s boyfriend was off limits to her, but when all was said and done she had the hots for him and let her body do the talking. Her sister Caroline was working late again and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Sean’s nice hard-body. Maranda had been looking at that body for months now thinking how nice it would be to use it for her own pleasure. She’d been unbelievably horny lately. (MFF, bi, cheat, inc) 9/23/2000
Mating of the Muse-Faerie fun Mating of the Muse-Faerie By Lord Malinov - A score of days or more I climbed - To reach the craggy mountain peak - They said, those ancient tomes of lore, A shallow nook would bear my view. (erotic fantasy) 8/19/1997
Melissa's Sissy Boifriend fun Melissa's Sissy Boifriend By Masterrr15 - A college freshman hooks up with the meanest girl in high school. He quickly is dominated by her and turned into her personal sissy-slave porn-star. (Fdom/M-teens, 1st-gay-expr, trans, bd, drugs) 7/23/2006
Memories fun Memories By Gena - Reading through my diary brought back memories that I thought I would share here. My name is Gena, I'm 35 years old, although when I did the things I will tell you about I was 17. Just thinking about it makes my heart pound just like it did all those years ago. (F-voy) 11/8/2001
Merrell's Black Lover fun Merrell's Black Lover By Phoebe - This story was my effort to write an interracial cuckold story. I actually know a handsome black man whose name is Leon, and I do think he's really sexy. I wonder what he'd think if he knew that I wrote this story with him in mind. (MMF, wife-sharing, intr, cuck) 4/21/2001
Minister's Cheating Wife fun Minister's Cheating Wife By Obmuj - She was the pure woman and wife, and her husband was a minister, with beliefs that curtailed normal sexual relations in the marriage bed. One morning she decided to go shopping and have a light breakfast at a restaurant where the antique mall was located. She found romance and what sex was all about, and even more. (MF, rom, wife, 1st) 4/22/2005
Missing You fun Missing You By A.B. - A military wife misses her soldier husband A LOT! (F, solo) 3/30/2002
Morning After fun Morning After By PJurado - An overnighter with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Can you dig it man 6/1/2003
My 14-Inch Cock fun My 14-Inch Cock By Sol Brighton - I've read a lot of stories on the Internet about huge cocks and how women swoon over them and other men are intimidated by them and then become cuckold husbands to men who have them. Well... let me tell you that a big dick is not all it's cracked up to be. (mf-teens, asian, size) 11/13/2002
My First Anal Sex fun My First Anal Sex By Elaine Bradley - A 22 year old woman is traveling through Europe with a friend when she decides to spend the night with a handsome European man. (MF, alcohol,rough-sex, anal, ws) 6/10/2006
My Friend Gabby fun My Friend Gabby By Gabrial Carter - Several years ago, before I was married, I had a nice experience with a friend of mine, a girl I worked with. Her name was Gabby, and she was a black girl of about twenty. She had a pair of the biggest and softest brown eyes this side of heaven, and was just plump enough to be alluring; huge tits, a big, squirmy bottom, full legs. She looked like she was made of dark tan velvet. (FF, intr) 5/21/2001
My Mother Was Framed fun My Mother Was Framed By Oediplex - My mother was framed! Yes that's her the "White Lady" in the painting everyone knows. But let me tell you the story you don't know, the real scandal that came from the picture was not just me, but me and her! (Fm, inc, mother/son) 5/8/2003
My Neighbor's Wife fun My Neighbor's Wife By AB-2006 - Sometimes forbidden sex is the best sex in the world. (MF, cheat) 7/22/2006
My Orgasm fun My Orgasm By Anonymous Author - I've often wondered if all guys feel the same sensations when they orgasm. This is how it feels to me. (M-solo) 2/14/2005
My Personal Fag fun My Personal Fag By AB-2006 - College roommates, one straight, one gay, find that they do have things in common. (MM, oral, 1st-gay-expr) 7/6/2006
My Personal Slut fun My Personal Slut By Michael - Next-door neighbor's wife likes a little forbidden adulteress sex while her husband is away of business. (MF, wife cheating) 1/27/2002
My Roommate's Muff fun My Roommate's Muff By Anonymous - After a hard days work, a woman comes home to find her two roommates in a compromising position. (FFF) 12/23/2000
My Sister Alex fun My Sister Alex By Kathy - Kathy and her sister Alexandria share her boyfriend in a sexy three-some. (FFM, sisters share boyfriend) 4/13/2004
My Wife the Whore fun My Wife the Whore By Boomer - I'm twenty-three and have been married to Cindy who is twenty-two for more than two years. Until an occurrence opened my eyes to the contrary I'd always considered our marriage as solid. (MF, wife, intr, cuck, huml) 11/13/2002
Nanako's New Passion fun Nanako's New Passion By Kristen - A story about a young world class Japanese athlete, and how she gets side tracked by a boy. (mf-teen, rp, asian) 10/2/1997
Nathan's Baby fun Nathan's Baby By Polly Anna - A wife begins an affair with a well-endowed black man. (MF, wife, intr, preg) 4/14/2003
Newest Cheerleader fun Newest Cheerleader By Anonymous NixPixer - A well endowed woman becomes the Dallas Cowboy's newest cheerleader. After settling into the job she attends a party held by one of the other woman on the squad, only to find out that lesbian's rule. (F+/F, orgy) 5/6/2000
Nick and Elly fun Nick and Elly By Siam - Last summer my wife and I went on a vacation to the south of France in a camper. The area around our parking space was large so we were secluded and had some privacy. My wife is a handsome German blonde beauty with a firm body, great breasts and long legs. Sexually she's a slow starter but when she's hot there is no stopping her. (MF, wife-sharing) 5/1/2000
Nikki Comes to America fun Nikki Comes to America By Kristen - This story is about a beautiful young Russian peasant girl who is "found" by a world class talent agency and brought to New York to be come a model. (This is a special edition from the story "Coming to America" by the same author) (FF, intr) 8/12/1999
No Holes Barred fun No Holes Barred By Calloway - Two girlfriends have an argument about who can give the best head. The argument turns into a contest. (FF/M+, bi, oral, orgy) 5/12/2004
Office Surprise fun Office Surprise By Philip B. Davis - A 44 year-old man's sex-capades with the office staff. After a messy divorce the hero meets, hires and falls for his secretary. The relationship expands when his secretary's friend becomes involved. The author chose the pictures that go with this story. (MFF, orgy) 11/1/1998
Old Friends fun Old Friends By Parker - I'm not a writer. So I'll just say what happened and let you get on with it. My wife loves estate sales. When I'm not quick, she drags me along with her. So, I'm at one of these things, and a computer comes up for sale. Some guy died of a heart attack or something and his wife's selling off his stuff. Not exactly state of the art, but not bad. Out of sheer boredom, I throw out a low bid and end up buying the thing. (MMF) 9/8/1998
Once a Year fun Once a Year By Michael - A guy lands a real babe for a wife and he's willing to put up with almost anything to keep her. (MF, wife, cuck, intr) 9/21/2003
One Black Night fun One Black Night By Anonymous - One night I took my wife Debby to a local highway rest stop and fucked her in one of the stalls in the ladies room. We could hear them doing their business and talking to each other. It was really exciting thinking about all the other pussies in there and fucking my wife's pussy at the same time. I wondered if they could hear us, if any of them knew. (MMF, wife, intr) 12/27/2003
Only Other Doctor in a Small Town fun Only Other Doctor in a Small Town By Ben Herr - "You're a patient of Dr. Crawford, so why have you come to see me, and why did you ask that no nurse be present, Christina? " Dr. Aboud asked. (MF, rp) 6/9/2002
Opening Of Holly Smith, The fun Opening Of Holly Smith, The By Amy Davis - Being a freshman in college is difficult I know because I was there once. Now I am a senior and I have learned the ropes and school is no problem. I have learned how to handle most situations. My experiences have come in handy with my new roommate, Holly. I am kind of her big sister and I am able to help her with almost every problem. (FF, college, strap-on) 11/10/2004
Oral Masturbation fun Oral Masturbation By A - At the tender age of seventeen I discovered, on a dare from a girlfriend that I could suck my own cock. Since then my life hasn't been the same. (M-solo, oral) 5/12/2003
Overtime fun Overtime By Michael - An office clerk is intimidated by a warehouse forklift operator and has an unexpected confrontation with him on a Saturday when they are the only ones there. (MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, work) 5/1/2006
Party Girls fun Party Girls By J. Boswell - My wife, Jody, and I have been married for eight years, and over that time, we have hosted some dynamite parties. However, we just moved to Baltimore, and really didn't know too many people. I joined an amateur soccer team through the local rec council, and we play at the local park on weekends. Just seeing my teammates for games, I still didn't know any of them really well after a couple of weeks, so we decided to have a party for the team and their wives or dates. (M+/F+, wife-sluts) 5/27/2000
Perfect Shoot fun Perfect Shoot By Sammy Smith - Debbie just could not resist this idea. Since she met Bill, her adoring boyfriend, her sex life has been so fantastic that she had persuaded him to let her take some photos of them making love with her own digital camera. (MMF, exh, threesome) 11/10/2003
Plumber's Visit fun Plumber's Visit By Sammy Smith - Two successful businesswomen room together and because of plumbing problems they end up sharing the shower together. After they call a plumber they end up sharing him too. (MFF, bi, threesome) 11/13/2003
Present for Daddy fun Present for Daddy By Cindy Burke - A daughter is eager to please her father and to show him how eager she is, she brings her boyfriends cum home to share with him. (MF, father/daughter, inc, nasty) 5/25/2003
Private Dancer fun Private Dancer By Steven A. Black - A man has family troubles. Braking up is hard for him, so he moves away from his hometown. One day he goes into a strip club and becomes a regular. Obsessed would probably be a better term. (MF, rom) 8/12/1999
Private Dancer fun Private Dancer By Kristen - Kristen and Kathy visit a sex club while in Munich Germany, and get caught up in the act! (MF, FF, exh) 8/19/1997
Putting Paul's Penis in My Mouth fun Putting Paul's Penis in My Mouth By ASinfulife - Paul looked into my eyes and instantly recognized the signs of being stoned. He was going to put his penis in my mouth and we both knew it. (MM, oral) 6/16/2004
Rape On A Diamond fun Rape On A Diamond By Sabrina - Sabrina wrote this rape story on a dare. Pretty wild stuff, you be the judge. (Mm+/f, rp) 10/2/1997
Ride fun Ride By Courtney of Florida - Two girls coming home from the beach start flashing truck drivers. They get really turned on by their exhibitionism. The fun becomes even more intense when one of the girls in her excitement touches the other's leg, and doesn't pull her had away. (FF-teens, exh, voy, 1st-lesbian-exp) 8/12/1999
Riding Instructor, The fun Riding Instructor, The By Helen Back, Picture Sorayama - His sack would tingle as he watched her demonstrate on horseback for her students. He would save cleaning the stalls near the arena for when her class was in session. Now and then she would mount a students horse and show everyone what she was trying to tell them. He would drop everything whenever she did this and find a discrete place to watch. One time, he actually took matters in hand. (MF, intr, size, voy) 11/8/2001
Robo-Pet fun Robo-Pet By Robotdoll - A model gets an unusual assignment, she's asked to attend a photo shoot as a sexy female robot. One thing leads to another as she finds out that she really likes pretending to be an automation. She also finds out that there are other people out there who like it too. (MF, robot-females, voy, exh) 8/12/1999
Rob's Wife fun Rob's Wife By NixPixer Author - I liked to be dominated. I like when men take control and tell me what to do. My husband discovered this after a few years of marriage, and things haven't been the same since. Lately, though, things my have gotten a little out of control. (MMMdom/F, wife-sex-slave, orgy) 4/8/2000
Rocket's Flight fun Rocket's Flight By Sam Smith - When my gorgeous Kiwi friend, Rocket, asked me to take the photos how could I refuse (MF, exh, M+-voy) 8/23/2003
Safe Sex fun Safe Sex By Wollstonecraft - Well, he doesn't really care. (MF, cheat, preg) 8/12/1999
Saltwater fun Saltwater By Komsomol - This is a story about a lady, whose strange dreams bring her to seek more extreme forms of entertainment. In the future, technology can make dreams into reality, but the world is leaving behind its ambitions and desires. It takes some work, courage and the will to defy authority in search of one's self. This is a story about a lady whose dreams are of sharks; this is a story about a lady who dreams in saltwater. (F/sharks, sci-fi) 4/22/2006
Samantha's Liberty fun Samantha's Liberty By G.C. Zitterow - Petty Officer 3rd Class Samantha Pederson was on a mission, an important and highly secret mission. But, although she handled a lot of highly secret equipment and information as part of her duty as a radar specialist aboard the U.S.S. Charles E. ("Chuck" to Sam and her shipmates) Martin, this particular mission had nothing whatsoever to do with the Navy. This mission was solely for her, and it was a mission she carried out at least once during every liberty call at every new port that "Chuck" visited. Samantha Pederson was out to get laid, big time laid! (M+/F, orgy) 1/27/2001
Sandi fun Sandi By Anonymous BBS Author - This is about my life. If you're interested in using me either m or f) let me know. I really can't believe I'm writing this down, but I can't really believe I'm living the two lives I'm living right now, either. (Mdom/F, gb) 2/20/1998
Seattle Airport Flash fun Seattle Airport Flash By Michael - While sitting in the terminal of the Seattle Airport, a middle-aged man is first surprised then aroused by a show put on my an attractive young woman. (MF, exh, public-mast) 10/26/2003
Secrets of a Woman fun Secrets of a Woman By Anonymous - Technically, this is not fantasy erotica because it really happened. It is not the product of some fevered imagination, but the accurate recounting of certain events in my life shared with a rather unusual woman. (MF, wife, toys) 8/13/2000
Sex Addict fun Sex Addict By Phoebe - Mary’s a sex addict. She’s always getting herself in trouble because of her promiscuous ways. Well, this time she succumbs at work, and with her boss to boot. (MF, affair, work) 1/1/2001
Sex in the Sauna fun Sex in the Sauna By Jeff Dosure - A guy has just about fallen asleep in the sauna when he's jolted back to wakefulness at the feeling of someone touching his dick... (MMF, oral) 8/26/2000
Sexual Harassment fun Sexual Harassment By Phoebe - Be careful about sexually harassing your employees, because sometimes what goes around comes around. (MF, work) 2/10/2002
Shannon fun Shannon By Shooter3704 - Shannon learns about herself by being someone else. (M+/F, group, intr) 5/3/2003
Shields fun Shields By Spoonbinder - An unusual Si-Fi story about women enslaved by an alien race to become shield's for their space ships in an endeavor to conquer the human race. Then the women of earth must make a sacrifice and become shields for their own warriors to overcome the alien hordes. Very well written and entertaining. (F+, forced-orgasm, bdsm, fantasy) 12/12/1999
Silent Incest fun Silent Incest By AB-2003 - Sister doesn't quite know how to react when her brother becomes amorous so she just remains silent. (MF-teens, inc) 6/1/2003
Sister Leila fun Sister Leila By AB-2003 - A tough 18 year old is enrolled in a Catholic high school to finish out if senior year, only he has no plans to "finish" school, is goal is to "do" his English teacher, Sister Leila. (M-teen/F, sacrilegious, forced, preg) 7/7/2003
Sister Milk fun Sister Milk By Ginny Walker - Two sisters fall into a lesbian relationship without really knowing it until it was too late. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, lac) 11/3/2006
Six Times A Day Series fun Six Times A Day Series By Spacer X - An e-novel, which is heavily illustrated with about 25-30 pictures for each part, done in Japanese anime style. (MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy) 1/1/2006
Slut Anne fun Slut Anne By Hans - We live in Oslo, Norway and have been together for 4 years now. Anne is a really cute girl, 18 years of age who will fuck anyone, anywhere at anytime. She is 1.65cm tall and weighs about 50 kilos. She has short blonde hair and a hairy little cunt. She's got hardly any tits, but her huge nipples more than make up for it. (M+/F, slut-girlfriend) 5/20/2000
Snowball fun Snowball By Terri Madison - I should have known better than to dare my friend Kara at anything. Least of all, something as totally depraved and raunchy as a snowball. (couples, affair, exh, cum-swap) 12/23/2000
Sorority Sisters fun Sorority Sisters By Anonymous - 19-year old Amy has a sweet surprise birthday present waiting for her behind the abandoned shack, from older sorority sister Christine. (FF-teens, 1st-lesbian-exp) 2/25/2000
Sorority Sister's Sybian fun Sorority Sister's Sybian By Amy Davis - The Delta Pi girls are not any hornier then any other sorority on campus, we just find way to satisfy our needs. If you walk down any hallway of a sorority house on any campus late at night you will hear the soft buzz of a vibrator. It doesn't matter if the school is in California or Florida or deep in the Bible belt. College girls need to be satisfied. I remember my freshman year when our sorority received it's own Sybian. (F, toys, ministration) 7/13/2002
Spear, The fun Spear, The By Michael - The story you are about to read is true in its way, and was a scandal in its time 12/4/2002
Steamy Summer Day fun Steamy Summer Day By Lisa & Sharon - Natalie is a wild young woman where anything goes. She seduces her boyfriend Dan and his best buddy Joe into putting on a little show for her. If Joe will suck Dan's dick, Natalie will let Joe have his way with her while Dan watches. (mm-teens, bi, mf-teens, voy) 6/1/1999
Stephy fun Stephy By Anonymous - Two women who had been brief lovers in high school but had been in straight relationships ever since, come together for an evening of remembered pleasures. (FF, affair, cheat) 8/26/2004
Sticky fun Sticky By Anonymous Author - Today was my wife's birthday. I bought her a card and a single red rose. After diner she informed me that she wanted to try something different in bed. I agreed to do anything she wanted. She has been so great about dressing me in panties and fucking me with a strap on cock. (Fdom/M) 5/13/2000
Stocks, The fun Stocks, The By Dusty - Medieval time punishment with the stocks, NC sex with the judge. (M/f-teen, nc, medieval) 2/14/2004
Strange Encounter fun Strange Encounter By Al Steiner - A teenage boy is caught defacing Catholic Church property. After police, and parents get done with him he finds that he has to face his punishment in the form of "Sister Mary" a Nun who intends to make the boy pay for his misdeeds. (F/m-teen, ped, hum, 1st) 8/12/1999
Stretching the Limits fun Stretching the Limits By Sapphire - When I was fifteen I started babysitting for Anne's kids. Anne was in her early twenties, had two kids and a husband who was mainly involved in staying away from home. She was a tall, slender woman with a broad smile and piercing green eyes. (FF, fisting) 7/13/2002
Succubus fun Succubus By Michael - I was having the weirdest dream. It was always the same dream and as time went on the dream became more and more vivid. It was getting so that I enjoyed going to bed in anticipation of my dream. (MF, demon) 8/23/2003
Summer To Remember fun Summer To Remember By Jet Lag - A husband talks his wife into showing off her body only to regret it later. (M+/F, voy, wife, cuck) 6/18/2006
Taking Jenny's Sloppy Seconds fun Taking Jenny's Sloppy Seconds By Cooch - A wife takes control of the couple's sex life and the husband goes along. (MMF, bi, wife, fuck, huml, oral, cream-pie) 1/19/2007
Tender Years fun Tender Years By Caesar - Two teenaged girls just can't resist the temptation to explore each other's bodies during a sleep over. (ff-teens, 1st-lesbian-exp) 6/6/1999
The Neighbor Slut fun The Neighbor Slut By Anon Author - A guy and his hot latina neighbor do the nasty, while his wife is taking a shower and is completely unaware. (MF, husband, cheat, oral) 12/14/2006
The Thai Sisters fun The Thai Sisters By AB-2006 - Mai, a beautiful Thai girl, falls for an American man, and so does her identical twin sister. (MFF, bi, inc, asian) 8/1/2006
Tied Down fun Tied Down By Phoebe - A woman loses a bet and agrees to being tied naked and spread-eagled to a bed for the night in a dorm room at Arizona State University. (MF, bd) 12/15/2005
Tight Jeans fun Tight Jeans By SA Talley - Kristen visits the mall with nothing more on her mind than purchasing a nice tight pair of jeans for an upcoming date, only to find that the mall has more to offer than just clothing. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr) 6/24/2006
Tiny Tim fun Tiny Tim By AB-2006 - A man has a size problem and is humiliated by his new bride and takes a long time to recover from the experience. (MF, size, huml) 7/1/2006
Totally a Virgin fun Totally a Virgin By Brian - I'm totally a virgin and I wish I wasn't. All I think about is making it with a woman, any woman. My mind is racing all the time. I can't concentrate in class and whenever a girl passes by me my whole body shivers with need. (M-teen, solo) 10/26/2002
Touching Myself fun Touching Myself By Karen B - As I touch myself in the early afternoon, I imagine that I'm with another woman. It always makes it so much better when there is someone else in my fantasies. (F-solo) 5/1/2000
Tour fun Tour By David Shaw - A thirty-something PR woman from a clothing company shows up uninvited at a rock band's hotel. Her plan is to get some of them to wear her clients fashions, but what she ends up with is a gang bang from the band. (M+/F, gangbang) 5/28/2001
True Story fun True Story By Kristy - "How I learned to drink sperm and influence people!" (mf-teens, oral) 1/12/1998
Under the boardwalk fun Under the boardwalk By C Faltz & M Emery - Two Lesbians get carried away with a man under the boardwalk. (Fdom/F, MF, public-sex) 3/16/1998
Undercover Deep fun Undercover Deep By Phillip BS - A policewoman gets her "big" chance to prove that she can do the job. She goes undercover to catch a bad guy, only to be betrayed by those she trusts. (MF, police, nc) 7/29/2000
Unexpected Secret fun Unexpected Secret By Eve - Two friends become even friendlier, after one divulges her secret to the other. (MF, tv, affair) 9/24/2006
Us fun Us By Phoebe - A persuasive woman and her boyfriend seduce a younger coworker into a bisexual affair. (MFF, bisexual, orgy) 2/2/2002
Viagra The $10 Whore fun Viagra The $10 Whore By J ZUG - A middle age man's odyssey through sexual fantasies, and frustration, and his introduction to prostitutes and massage parlors. (MF, whores, confession) 11/26/2004
Walk in the Woods fun Walk in the Woods By Romangirl - Ruffy was telling her he desperately needed a long walk. The kids were in school, Darren was out of town, and Jennifer sighed. No time to change clothes. Besides, they lived on the heavily wooded outskirts of a deserted farm, and there weren’t many neighbors close by. Most were at work. She took a last look at the full length mirror and sighed. (MF, intr, rp, v, nc, sn) 10/21/2004
Watchman fun Watchman By Ben Herr - "It's such a beautiful place!" Valerie Antonelli exclaimed. "How little people know about southern New Jersey! When you mention New Jersey, people think Camden, Newark, and the Jersey Turnpike!" (MF, nc) 1/11/2002
Wedding To Remember fun Wedding To Remember By Storysman - A beautiful young bride is seduced on her wedding day, then all hell breaks loose. (MF, cheat) 8/19/1997
Wendy's Night Club Outing fun Wendy's Night Club Outing By Michael - Wendy has the makings for a perfect girlfriend, on part slutty exhibitionist and one part beautiful angel. (MF, mast, exh) 4/8/2003
Wet fun Wet By Lord Malinov - An erotic poem by the world-renowned poet of the Internet, Lord Malinov. (F, solo) 8/19/1997
Who Needs Love fun Who Needs Love By Your Ghost - Eighteen year old Ellen Wisdom lay on the living room sofa, bored out of her mind. Rainy Sunday afternoons were always the most boring days in the history of the world, and she would have given her left arm, her right leg, and one of her boobs just for something to do. (f-solo. mast, oral) 9/25/2006
Wife's Black Bang fun Wife's Black Bang By Led Mirage - A prim and proper wife finds out just how slutty she can be when she is persuaded by her husband to try out new things. (M+/F, wife, intr, gangbang, voy) 5/3/2003
Wild Wife fun Wild Wife By Big D & ProG - A husband decides to let his wife and his best buddy get involved in a threesome, and starts things off while they're all watching television. (MMF, wife-sharing) 10/2/1999
Willing Waitress fun Willing Waitress By Sugarman - My husband made me get a job a few weeks ago. He had been bitchin' about me layin' around the house all day for all four years of our marriage and he finally told me that if I didn't get a job, he'd throw my ass out of the trailer. (M+/F, slut-wife, intr, gb, prost) 1/1/2003
Xena: The Enchantment fun Xena: The Enchantment By Xenaerotica - Xena and Gabrielle are the playthings of the gods. A story of manipulation and lust as the two warriors are thrust into each other's arms. (FF, parody) 5/1/2000
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